Historical Fair Launch Research

As part of our background research for token launches, we examined several Fair Launch events to understand the characteristics of the launch and the distribution of the token. In general, we found these launches produced a fairer wealth distribution than is currently found globally.

This research was featured by Ren & Heinrich in their article “Crypto Fair Launches: The Better ICOs”.

ByteMasons OATH Fair Launch Analysis

Report: ByteMasons OATH Fair Launch Analysis

This report examines the ByteMasons OATH Liquidity Generation Event (LGE), which occurred in February 2022. The OATH Liquidity Generation Event offered several innovations beyond contemporary LGE models. ByteMasons attempted to leverage the communities that formed around NFTs by offering discounts to NFT holders. The OATH LGE also provided the ability to select terms during the LGE, in consideration of the different risk profiles of Venture accounts.

Grizzly GHNY Fair Launch Analysis

Report: Grizzly GHNY Fair Launch Analysis

This report examines the Grizzly GHNY launch - specifically, the Liquidity Generation Event (LGE). Some of the questions we hoped to answer with this analysis were:

  • how many addresses participated

  • what is the distribution of investment amounts

  • how balanced were the investment amounts

  • how much of the token do addresses currently hold

  • is it possible to predict the amount of the LGE investment based on characteristics of the address.