Open Source


Github: 0xidm/chaino

Chaino is an EVM blockchain research tool to rapidly download blocks and issue calls against smart contracts. Chaino is written in Python.

Chaino can use multiple RPCs in parallel, each with multiple threads. Chaino attempts to automatically maximize its speed without abusing the RPC.

Blocks are stored as objects inside Python pickle files. The block files are archived with NestedFilestore, which can manage millions of files on a filesystem.

Calls are bundled with GroupedMulticall, which is a wrapper around Multicall. A GroupedMulticall can be executed against the current head block or any historical block, as the RPC permits.

Mutable IPFS Website

Github: 0xidm/mutable-ipfs-website

Publish a website to IPFS that can be updated without breaking all the URLs. In more technical terms: create a mutable IPFS website with a stable IPNS hash. Using this method, a website built with relative URLs will function the same on IPFS as on the classic web.