Savvy Emissions (overall)

Report: Savvy Emissions (overall)

This document examines the SVY token emissions schedule. We perform a number of checks to ensure the accuracy of the schedule and token quantities. Finally, using the emissions schedule we just validated, we visualize the 6-year timecourse of the schedule.

Weekly Liquidity Mining

Report: Weekly Liquidity Mining

This report focuses on week-by-week emissions across the various pools.

Liquidity Mining (per pool)

Report: Liquidity Mining (per pool)

This report examines Savvy Liquidity Mining emissions, focusing on allocations to individual liquidity pools. The report contains charts and plots that cover the entire 6-year timeline.

MMC APY Scenarios

Dataviz: MMC APY Scenarios

This plot examines the MMC APY that would result from various SVY valuations (in USD) as well as pool TVL (also in USD). (Previously, the MMC was called the “IFO” or “Initial Farm Offering”.)